About the Art

Capture and processing:

We capture our subjects using full frame digital cameras on a stable tripod in a tried and true technique that preserves all the beautiful detail found in nature. Photography is a special medium because there are so many options for what nature can show us, and nearly everyone has easy access to a camera on their phones. Nature gives us our options, but our camera position is chosen through years of practice to produce a composition that shows our vision of nature. The most common question we get is “Are these paintings or photographs?”  We take that as high praise since painters have complete and total control of what they choose to include or not include in their art. We take the light we have and transform it through our vision.

The second most common question we get is “Did you use Photoshop on this?” What we take this to mean most of the time is “Did you manipulate this photograph to show color and objects that weren’t really there?” We process our photographs in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to match what we saw. Occasional removal of small distracting objects like mosquitoes in the sky or a stray branch that cuts into a scene that couldn’t otherwise be avoided is employed. It requires artistic vision and practice in the digital darkroom to keep up the promise that had you been standing there with us, you would witness what we did.

Warranty: If any damage comes to your art before we hand it off to you, please let us know and we will replace it! If you take your piece home, hang it on the wall, and it seems too small, simply return it to us and we will replace it with a more substantial size (with only the difference in cost being made up by you).


Photos 8×12 and smaller will be sold in open edition and will cease production when all limited prints are sold.

Unless otherwise noted, all prints will be in limited editions of 200. Size A (12×18 or 12.8×16) will make up 80 of the 200 prints, Size B (16×24 or 16×20) will make up 60 of the 200 prints, Size C (20×30 or 20×24) will make up 40 of the 200 prints, Size D (24×36 or 24×30) will make up 14 of the 200 prints, Size E (30×37.5 or 30×45) will make up 5 of the 200 prints. Each image will have one matted and framed Masterpiece (40×50 or 40×60). All prints will be signed by the artist (either Tim or Dori). A maximum of 25% of the prints in each size may be printed on Xpozer, and size E and Masterpiece will only be available as a matted print.

Matted and Framed Option: Maximum longevity and a classic look

Matted pieces are printed by us using Canon Lucia Pro inks on Ilford Galerie Prestige Smooth Pearl paper. This luster paper gives excellent color saturation and fits our style well. Each print is inspected for imperfections, and then attached to conservation grade acid and lignin free backing. Each Crescent Select conservation grade mat is also acid and lignin free and is cut by us using our bevel mat cutter. In short, our materials ensure that your art is archival and will not discolor due to reactions with any of the materials. We frame our work using Museum glass or UV Non-glare Plexiglas and recommend that if you purchase matted unframed work from us that you do the same. The mat non-reflective coating prevents light from reflecting off and making your art disappear behind unwanted glare. UV protection on the glass will allow visible light to pass through so your art can be seen, but UV light that discolors and fades the art will be harmlessly reflected.

Frameless Option: When you just want art and nothing else

We understand that some of our customers would prefer a frameless option that looks neat and clean. It is not archival because it is exposed to the elements, but with proper handling it should last a long time. Xpozer is a relatively new process that prints on Satin paper which is durable and has the characteristic smooth luster look of photo paper. We must go to an outside print shop, but each piece will still be inspected by us to make sure it is up to our exacting standards. An aluminum tension system hooks into the corners of the piece and holds it taut, and is then attached to the wall with a light plastic holder.  Detail is preserved on its smooth surface, which highlights the fine textures of the subjects (which is also why some mistake it for a painting). We display much of our work using Xpozer for this look. Many photographers are printing on glossier surfaces like metal and this looks absolutely beautiful under certain conditions. However, direct lighting can reduce that type of medium to nothing but unpleasant glare. This is why we choose Xpozer for our frameless art. All Xpozer prints are only available in sizes 16×20 or larger.

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