Bay Area

Oak Savanna Lunar Eclipse: I have had an idea for the lunar eclipse to go alongside the silhouette of an oak tree for some time but achieving this has taken many false starts. Fortunately, total lunar eclipses are much more frequent, and path of totality is quite wide, so I have had many chances. In order for this to work well, totality must be reached shortly after sunset or shortly before sunrise, so the moon is low enough to be capture it with the horizon. This is quintessential California with oak savanna with the eclipsed moon filling out the empty space in this tree’s shape. —Palo Alto, California

California August Grasses: Looking off to the west into the sunset, a sea of clouds complements the iconic look of the golden hills of California. The long stalks of seed blow around pleasantly in the wind. —Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve, California

Dutch Influence: Every year the tulips bloom near the windmill and give a spectacular colorful show. Back light made the tulip blooms glow with the light of the sun. —Golden Gate Park, California

Spring Oak: As the sun rose behind this lone oak, the dew began to evaporate and catch the low sun light. The emerald green hills of Oak Savanna is usually a brief time during the rainy season, and was especially refreshing in the middle of the three year drought. —Arastradero Preserve, California

Spotlight on Dewy Poppies: In a different year the poppies bloom at the foot of the old Dutch windmill. The blooming poppies were briefly spotlighted by a break in the trees. —Golden Gate Park, California