Aston Myer Photography is the spousal duo of Tim Aston and Dori Myer.  Our photography focuses on the endlessly diverse locales of California, tracking seasonal cycles and exploring backwoods gems. We have lived and traveled up and down the state, currently residing in Mammoth Lakes, a prime central location for accessing some of the most celebrated views on the planet.  Tim was born and raised in Los Altos, and grew up appreciating local nature through Boy Scouts, eventually inspiring him to teach biology. Dori spent her childhood in Southern California, exploring the beaches and high desert and works as an archivist.

We have dived headfirst into photography, with our passions landing acutely on landscapes. We have no formal education in photography. However, we do have years of education through trial and error and discovering our tastes through peer critique. We have studied the works of the masters Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, and Jerry Uelsmann, and have pursued an education through the current photographic master of Yosemite, Michael Frye. Our goal is to share a unique vision of our beloved home state and also remind locals of the grandeur that is so near at hand to promote conservation and appreciation. As a science educator and a local history preservationist, we seek to understand and share the intricate details of our country’s most prized landscapes and natural phenomena.

There is a story and a mood within each carefully crafted photograph we make and it is with those stories that we hope you as a viewer will have an emotional connection. From the click of the shutter, to processing, to printing, and cutting the mat, we now produce our final Giclée prints using the finest materials that will stay beautiful for decades to come. Photography has changed the way we look at the world, tuning our eyes to notice the lines and patterns that occur so impeccably in nature. We cover thousands of feet of elevation in our photographs, from the alpine peaks of the Sierra to the lowest point on the continent in Death Valley.

We develop our photographs to accurately match what captivated us in the first place, but we spend most of our time finding unique perspectives and compositions in the field to enrich the emotional experience. The human eye is deft at finding interest, but translating this into a photograph takes a years of practice. Our compositional goal is that our subjects are given context, draw focus, reveal complementary shapes and patterns, and show vivid contrast. Our photographs tell stories of the land and of the passage of time, emphasizing the dynamic nature of formations that predate human existence and yet are now imperiled and rely on human preservation.

Our home away from home is Yosemite and we have come to know much of it and what to expect under diverse circumstances. Weather patterns, seasons, and locations have become familiar, but it will take decades to plumb the depth and beauty of our favorite national park. However, we do explore many more wild areas that are worthy of protection. The Sierra, the Cascades, the desert, the ocean, the cosmos, the largest, tallest, and oldest trees in the world…There is so much to see and we hope to bring it to you through our vision.


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