Enjoy our recorded FAQ coming to you from Mammoth Lakes, CA! We hope to see you in person next year.

Click here to see our best sellers and featured work that you would have seen in person.

Click here to see our photography class offerings.

We are available to answer questions and chat as if we were at the festival in person via the Kings Mountain web portal, all Labor Day weekend from 10a-4p: https://kingsmountainartfair.org/

15% of purchase prices during Labor Day go to the Kings Mountain community fire brigade and elementary school.

Here is an 8-minute video answering frequently asked questions we have encountered at the festival in prior years.

Questions in video:

Where is your studio? Where is Mammoth Lakes?

Do you have any images of Tahoe?

How do I purchase prints? (15% of proceeds during Labor Day weekend benefit the Kings Mountain community)

Do you print your own work?

Do you Photoshop your work?

Can you teach me landscape photography?

Where’s the bathroom?

What is your story?

From now until September 17, we are also showing selected framed prints at the Mohr Gallery in Mountain View, with a new interactive experience we are trying for the first time. Check it out and look to our blog for more details!

Self-promotion: Just don’t make Tim watch it.

Thank you to the Kings Mountain Art Fair for hosting this virtual event and for your all your hard work putting this together.

Memories from the beforetimes at Kings Mountain Art Fair, 2019
Tim showing people around the booth in 2019. Miss those beautiful trees
2019 booth. Miss you
Lovely crepuscular light coming through the redwoods before opening in 2019. Such peace
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