Favorites from 2019

Happy New Year! As is usual this time of year, we have selected our 12 of our favorite images from 2019.

Another year and more experiences! The Grand Canyon treated us to a dusting of snow, the High Sierra didn’t thaw until late July, we took our first backpacking trip as a couple (though Tim did some sherpa work for Dori in the process), we photographed another dazzling array of fall color in the Eastern Sierra, taught our first year of classes, and of course there’s always Yosemite – our beloved.

In 2020, we are going to ramp up our trips to trickier geography now that we have a higher-clearance car with armored tires (though our Prius really did outperform expectations for many years when it came to dirt roads). This means more backcountry and a lot more Death Valley, which feels like it has endless dirt roads and photographic opportunities. We are also planning to head back to the far north of California to revisit the redwoods and, now that we’ve gotten a taste of Shasta, hopefully try out the Trinity Alps and surrounding region.

All of our 12 favorites will be 15% off for the month of January 2020! Drop us a line to discuss printing something for you. Click the image below to see our gallery.

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